Striptease at home

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Striptease at home

Generally speaking, men love strippers and their performances. But most of the men would enjoy equally watching his partner while dancing only for his eyes. Man love when it’s all about them, so use this fact as your advantage and afford him pleasure that he will never forget. Here are some things that every woman should know if she wants to perform a perfect striptease for her man.

The first thing you need is to choose the right clothes. Wear something that you can easily take off. The clothes have to be sexy and provocative but have in mind that you have to leave something to the imagination. Striptease should be a great foreplay and the real action will come later. You can also switch up your look. Change your make up or your hairstyle.Your hair and face should look as sexy and provocative as the rest of your outfit. You probably know what your man desires and what fantasies does he have. If you don’t know, then ask him and surprise him next time he comes home. Your partner will enjoy as much as you will.

The next step is to make the right atmosphere. Turn down the lights or flood the room with the candles. You can also buy colored light bulbs or throw a scarf over your lamps. Just be creative. Everything that will make you feels sexy and in the mood to dance is acceptable. The chair is also a good idea. Choose your favorite chair with a back and put it in the middle of the room and that’s it. Your stage is ready.

Don’t forget the music. Music is also very important to set the mood. To be honest, it is number one if you want to seduce your man in this way. Only with the good selection of right music, the striptease will be complete. It has to be equally seductive and sexy as you are.It is good idea to start with something slow but most important thing is that you dance to something that makes you feel good and sexy. The dance shouldn’t be perfectly choreographed, choose a few good moves that are sexy and which will make you confident while you are dancing. You don’t have to dance like the real strippers if you do this for the first time, that is their job at last and they exercise a lot. You will be also perfect after a few tries. Just let the imagination be your guiding star.

Don’t be shy, express your sexuality and release the seductress that lies in you. From the dance, ambiance, moves to the provocative lingerie, everything has to be just right for a perfect, flirtatious striptease. This will be a gift for both of you. Your partner will get the joy of watching you dance a
nd you will get the pleasure of feeling like a sexy seductress.

Nothing else is needed. Make the first move and seduce him. You will be irresistible and your man is gonna love it and want you even more.

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